It’s barely Autumn, but we had to start planning Christmas stock way back in July and this week, Mr Claus, who actually drives a large white Ford Transit (he saves the reindeer and sleigh for the big day) turned up with our first delivery!

Looking back, I remember sitting on the wrought iron bench outside the shop, the sun beating down, the glare bouncing off  of my iPad, the sweat dripping off my furrowed brow and sliding off the screen and into my lap, making it look like I’d had an accident, as I began adding things to the shopping basket of the  Christmas wholesaler’s website.

Oooohh yes, 10 of those, tap. 30 of them, tap. 55 of them silver, sparkly, what-ya-call-ums, tap, tap tap!

It was so exciting, I couldn’t wait to start filling the shop with silver, gold, red and green. Ribbons, candles, wreaths, pots, vases, robins, reindeer, wooden toys, snow globes, light-up snowmen with flashing feet? Mmmm maybe I was getting carried away.

As I’ve mentioned before, everyone in the shop has their own unique style, their own creative flair  and sense of what’s tasteful. So being the sharing, caring, respectful boss that I am, I encouraged everyone, including; the Italian flower deliveryman, my sister-in-law and the Jack Russell to order something to have in the shop for Christmas.

As the many boxes arrived, I frantically tore off the packing tape and pulled out the bubble wrap, desperate to see what was inside and OH MY!!!

Who on earth ordered THAT!!???


There were LOTS of lovely things though and I had to be physically restrained, to prevent me from putting everything (well almost everything)  out on shelves immediately.

If you have ever been to John’s & my house at Christmas, you’ll be wondering now if anything will actually make into the shop. Santa’s Grotto at Harrods, has nothing compared to my cosy, little cottage in December.

If you want to see what we have in store this Christmas, you’ll have to wait until November. Autumn is a beautiful season, full of colour and warmth, not to be rushed.

We have some amazing seasonal flowers and foliage in and can’t wait to adorn doors, table tops and windows with gorgeous reds, yellows, oranges, greens and purples, creating autumnal wedding displays and floral designs.

And don’t forget to drop in and see our fantastic selection of metallic pheasants, rabbits and foxes.

Enjoy Autumnistmas!



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