Flower girls

Firstly, I’m definitely NOT a girl!

I’m not about to make a big announcement and admit that I am in fact Carlos, but you can imagine my frustration when someone came into the shop this week and kept referring to me as the GIRL!!!

She may have been referring to my youthful good looks or cheery child-like demeanour, but given her tone and the incessant  pointing and finger waggling, I don’t think so.

To top that, another customer came in this week. She wandered in, busily chatting on her phone and obviously far too busy, on an important call, to say she had to go, as she wanted to talk to the florist. Instead, she stood, there talking, pointing to different flowers while I diligently pulled out stems and waited dutifully for the nod of approval or a sharp shake of the head. Finally, while I stood there in the middle of the shop holding a mixed array of flowers and foliage, a small queue forming in the doorway, this particular customer said her goodbyes and waving a hand said “Make them up, I’ll be back in 10 minutes” and off she swanned.



I can usually brush these slights aside with a simple ” Hey Ho, on we go“, but they seem to have got under my skin. I am after-all FIFTY-something  (not what you call a girl) with a UNIVERSITY education and a very responsible, high-powered position in local Government and having, I’ll have you all know… MANICURED nails!!!

I opened The FlowerShop in Pulborough, for a number of reasons; I love flowers, I have a certain creative flair and I wanted to be part of a community.

“I wanted to sell the flowers I liked, to people I liked.” “To create wonderful floral tributes for wonderful people” 

And I must say that almost all of our customers are exactly that – ABSOLUTELY FLIPPING WONDERFUL!!!!

However, it turns out that on occasion I have to deal with some less than lovely people, people who don’t fully appreciate my artistic talent and generous nature.

More encounters with challenging customers

If the previous two encounters this week, weren’t enough, let me tell you about a few more  meetings guaranteed to frustrate the most easy-going florist…

  1. “You don’t  seem to have much in today” said someone, minutes after the flying Dutchman had just dropped off the week’s delivery
  2. “I’ll have one of those, one of them, three of them and two of those” said someone, who obviously went into restaurants asking the chef to make something from rice, chocolate, cheese and oysters!
  3. “Can I have a refund for this sad looking plant, which a kind friend gave me as a present” said the friend of another customer I gave a just past it’s best plant to FREE of charge!

Imagine the dilemma; should I have explained that their kind friend may not have been that ‘kind‘ in this instance or should I have saved the previous customer’s embarrassment and paid the lady for the plant, I gave away in the first place?

You can probably guess what I did.


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