Making Mischief

When I’m not completely rushed off my size 4 feet, I just can’t seem to wind down and relax or dare I say it “take a day off” I mean… what the blistering blazers would I do?

We’ve had what I would call a quiet week, we weren’t actually that quiet, but for a change I wasn’t running high on adrenaline.

I liken myself to a racehorse (lean, fit, highly strung) that is being fed on some sort of competition mix (or flapjacks in my case) and when I’m not racing that energy usually turns into trouble or mischief making!

I might have mentioned this before, but I have a liking (others would say obsession) for RIBBON!

Yes, ribbon. There are far worse things to be obsessive about, but like any obsession, I just can’t get enough (Depeche Mode being one of my favourite bands). When I’m not being distracted, I’m ordering more ribbon, looking for new ribbons or searching for new ways of displaying ribbon.

Here’s a glimpse of my ribbon stash so far.

Whatever you come into the Flower Shop to buy, I’m sure I can find the perfect ribbon to go with it. In fact, Rachel complained this week that it took her longer to choose the ribbon than it took her to choose flowers and make up the bouquets. Maybe I should organise a staff training day ‘Choosing the Right Ribbon‘ but that would involve giving them a glimpse into my mind and I’m sure that wouldn’t be good for morale.

One of the things that can distract me temporarily from my ribbony dreams is the arrival of a nice young delivery boy. It doesn’t really matter what the delivery is, but the excitement of being brought something by a handsome young man, at my age, is simply overwhelming.

In fact some of them have started to leave packages outside the door, when it’s obvious that I’m here. Others will just open the door wide enough to push parcels in and then poke a clipboard through the gap hoping for a signature.

Maybe it’s my new found ‘celebrity status’ that’s intimidating them. I’ve just heard that we have over 300 followers on The Flower Shop Facebook Page and I’m getting lots of people come in and say they’ve read my blog !!!

Eventually, John confiscates my ipad in an attempt to curb my ribbon buying and my mind is put to more creative pursuits. Mmm what can we do with a broken soldier, angel and fairy wand…????

The result.


So my plea to everyone who reads this blog or comes into the shop, is to give me something challenging to do. No request, however obscure will be turned down, as long as it involves flowers and ribbon!

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