Sunday lunch in the village pub?

A quick post-work G&T on a Friday night, a big Saturday night out, a LONG Sunday lunch with the family, Tuesday quiz night, Book club Wednesday…The Village Pub is for many the centre of the village, after the church and the Flower Shop (obviously), but sadly this week Pulborough saw the closure of ‘The Oddfellow’s Arms’ AGAIN!!!

We all know that pubs are finding times hard, especially rural pubs where there aren’t hoards of people popping in for a quick one after work, booking tables for a working lunch or meeting for pre-theatre drinks. I’m a BIG fan of small businesses and of people who try, no matter how hard the challenge, how high the odds. And… I like to think I’ve done my bit in an attempt to keep the pub in profit, but there’s a limit to what one sociable, old soak, like me can do!

Apparently, the ‘ Traditional Olde English Pub’ started out as an Italian Wine Bar over 2,000yrs ago and The Oddfellow’s Arms has been the village pub in Pulborough for over 400years. It has survived the English Civil War and two world wars…maybe the virtual meeting place that is social media has finally taken over, but surely that can’t be it?

No village pub!!!!!  

I’m beginning to wonder where people of different generations, with different interests and backgrounds will meet and socialise? I’m pretty sure my dating days are over, if they ever started, having met and married John when I was just 17yrs old, but if he ever left me, what would I do (after killing him), join the Pulborough Rugby club???  I’d have to get one of those apps on my phone that tells you when an eligible man walks past the shop (yes, there really are such things). What if there were no shops? Us oldies would just have to hang around on the street, like a bunch of teenagers, not actually going anywhere at all. What if people stopped interacting and just shopped online, stopped speaking to one another face to face?

I’m a fan of social media, after all I’m talking to you now via social media, but it has to be in addition to REAL LIFE. I hope that through this blog, you’re all getting to know me and that when you come into the shop you’ll already know what colour pants I’m wearing – NO, sorry that’s going too far, but you’ll know enough to start a conversation.


Apparently, there’s going to be ROADWORKS outside the shop over the next few weeks, I’m not exactly sure what’s happening, but I believe the work will involve widening the footpaths and creating more short stay parking, so more people can stop and wander through the village. Good in the longterm, but don’t forget us while the work is being done, we’ll still be open.

Valentine’s day is going to be our next crazy day in the shop, we’re expecting a mad rush, so if you don’t want to leave it to chance, get your orders in now, or if you hope to be a lucky recipient now’s the time to start dropping hints and sending out links to our Valentine’s page

Don’t forget to call us, or drop into the shop , we want to get to know you all!

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