The Flower Shop, Pulborough

Flower shop aerobics

I’ve mentioned before that I get bored very easily, I need to be kept busy or my mind just wonders off somewhere and I have trouble getting it to return. Being a florist and someone with a short attention span means I’m usually frantically  busy all the time, but there are moments in the shop when there’s the odd lull. There are things I should be doing; sweeping up, doing my vat return or cleaning out the chocolate wrappers from the front of the delivery van…but that’s so BORING!

The ROADWORKS outside the shop have been there for a few days now and watching people sat in cars, waiting for the lights to change for hours on end, day after day can literally drive you insane… so customers really shouldn’t be surprised when they come into the shop and find me jigging around like mad-Lizzie to Billy Ocean’s Red Light Spells Danger’ or pretending to be one of the Supreme’s while singing ‘Stop in the name of Love’ at the top of my voice.

Being able to stop abruptly in the middle of a grapevine or pulling out of a chassé turn before someone comes through the shop door is no easy feat let me tell you!

I’ve been caught several times this week Lindy-hopping around the shop and now there’s a rumour I’ve started village aerobics. I haven’t, but if anyone fancies a dance, feel free to pop in.

The other thing I do when boredom strikes, is search for new stock that I think my wonderful customers, like you, will love.

People who love and appreciate fresh flowers, often appreciate other things that will adorn their home or garden and bring a smile to the beholders face. I am first and foremost a florist, but I like to offer complimentary products that I think you will like and one of my favourite things, other than flowers, are scented candles. So, imagine my delight when I came across a range of …. BOTANICAL SCENTED CANDLES!!

Now, the sensible thing would be to order a sample of various fragrances, in different sizes to see how they go, but that would be far too sensible. Click, click, click ten of each should do it! I adore these candles, love the packaging, I’m crazy about the fragrances; just imagine catching the welcoming whiff of a Darjeeling Tea Rose as you enter a room or the aroma of  fresh Laundry as you open the door and they are all lovingly made from Soy wax, helping you to relax after an arduous aerobic session.

The perfect Valentine’s gift to go with a bouquet of beautiful roses.

A little advice (for the gentlemen): The ‘Laundry Day’ fragrance, however nice, might not be the best choice for Valentine’s.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 16.04.02


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