The friendly florist

I like to think of myself as a friendly florist. Some would say a little over friendly, slightly crazy, quirky, idiosyncratic, gregarious, affable, generous, neighbourly…nuts!

I am all of those things, but I am also hardworking, respectful, sincere and considerate. These are  qualities I look for in all those I employ…along with a sense of humour, forbearance, tolerance and clemency, so they are able to cope with my somewhat unique personality.

So, what do you think someone would have to DO, to find themselves BARRED from the Flower Shop????

Not only barred from the Flower Shop, but BARRED by JOHN!!!!

For those of you who don’t know my husband John, he is the most tolerant, easy-going, understanding and forbearing man in the world (well, he IS married to me), so to get him riled you really need to go a long way.

I opened the Flower Shop because I love meeting people and making people feel good (I used to be a politician, so one out of two). Floristry is something I love doing, mainly because of the people I get to meet everyday.

Maybe it’s because I’m so happy doing what I do that I can’t understand other people’s grumpiness. Actually, grumpiness is fine, I can be quite grumpy, even when I’m happy but if there’s one thing I can’t tolerate it’s RUDENESS.

If people are rude to me, I’m immediately on the back foot, thinking I’ve done something  to cause such an effrontery BUT if anyone is rude to someone I trust and know to be nothing but honest and hospitable, then I’m likely to bite my lip stamp my little feet so hard, I could make Pulborough shake. I’m not sure if anyone felt the earth move yesterday, if you did, it wasn’t the roadworks (they’ve gone) it was me stamping my little feet very hard.

I won’t go into the details, but  when someone is rude to me on the phone, is undeservedly rude to the most lovely ladies in the shop and calls my biggest supporter ‘an idiot’ then I would rather not do business with them. It’s NOT what I signed up for!!!

Thankfully, I have loads and loads of wonderful, polite, courteous, lovely, loyal customers and supporters who make me a very happy bunny!

Easter bunny



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