There’s no business like Snowbusiness!

There’s no business like snow business I know” I love an opportunity to burst into song!

If I hadn’t become a florist (or antiques dealer, or politician, or historian) then I would have been an ENTERTAINER. Some would say a comic (a la Miranda Hart), others would say actress (in a Jane Horrocks or Dawn French fashion), but I believe I was destined for the stage…the MUSICAL STAGE!

How I wasn’t ‘spotted’ as a child I have no idea, maybe I’m a late bloomer, or maybe I just haven’t had the right exposure. I loved my ballet lessons and dreamed of being Wayne Sleep (Darcy Bussell hadn’t been born). Although, if I was totally honest, then my enthusiasm, for ballet at least, proved far greater than any natural talent I had.


The sub-zero temperatures and threat of Siberian snow kept most sensible people indoors this week, but we were still busy with orders, so the shop was open and fully staffed. When I say sub-zero temperatures, I don’t just mean OUTSIDE, it was literally freezing INSIDE!

Even my hot flushes weren’t enough to keep the drips from my nose solidifying, or my glasses icing over as I worked gloveless, with my hands in buckets of near freezing water.

We had to keep moving, so the perfect excuse to put on The Flower Shop Show presented itself. Becky was the ARTISTIC DIRECTOR (her son is in the middle of his school production, which obviously makes Becky an expert), I was the STAR (obviously), but with my dance training I also took on the role of CHOREOGRAPHER.  The lovely Rachel is heavily with child, so given the very strict Health & Safety policy here in the shop, she could only wiggle, while holding on to the workbench. I did allow her to sing though, everyone HAD to sing, after-all we were putting on a MUSICAL!!!

We went from Pulborough, to OKLAHOMA and the SOUTH PACIFIC, taking in bits from the BLUES BROTHERS and MAMA MIA.  The temperature in the shop was certainly rising, but no work was getting done, the windows were steaming up, potential customers were hurrying by, our audience of magnificent flowers were in danger of wilting and I had deliveries to do, so Andrew Lloyd Webber will have to wait a little longer.

We didn’t get the huge DUMP of snow, we were promised, but fff FLAMING FLOCKS it was cold,  despite all the layers and jigging about, we were all mildly hypothermic. The warmest place was inside Bella the Flower Shop van, so I was immensely grateful to everyone who phoned up for a delivery this week.

Next week is Mothering Sunday, so it’s all hands on deck. In addition to bouquets that say it all, we have baskets, buckets, ribbon (lots and lots of ribbon), scented candles (gorgeous scented candles) and a team of very talented florists waiting to make lots of mothers happy. We are opening on Sunday morning, for those who want to pick up a Mother’s day gift and we are taking a limited number of deliveries.

Visit our website for inspiration.

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