Flirtatious florist on the loose in Pulborough.

Would you believe it… I’ve been accused of being a FLIRT! 

Me, moi, mich!!!

As many of you know I’m a very friendly, vivacious character and I have been very happily married to the wonderful John for more years than I dare to count. So maybe my jokey banter with everyone including  young delivery boys, Max the Italian Florista,  our village estate agents, plumbers, wine merchants, window cleaners, wholesalers, telephone engineers and anyone who gives me the slightest smile, has simply been misinterpreted.

Mind you, I’ve been caught out several times this week. Firstly when a young man  came into the shop to deliver a package and almost knocked a customer over as he beat a hasty retreat, backwards out of the door. Then on Thursday I went to make a delivery to a regular customer in Nutbourne and took the opportunity to make a few cheeky comments to a chap busy doing something among the flowerbeds on the drive. In my defence, I thought he was someone I had met several times before. How was I to know he was the house-owner’s son, home from Uni???

All men under 30 tend to look the same to me!

Don’t think that if you’re over thirty you’re safe from my coquettish, come hither chit chat, there’s nothing better than passing the time of day with a cheeky sexagenarian (no, not what you think) who knows his fuchsias from his freesias.

In fact I feel it’s extremely important to exchange pleasantries with anyone who comes into the shop. It doesn’t matter how busy and stressed we are in the Flower Shop we always have time for a friendly “Hello” and sincere “How are you?” 

I have however been known to get a little confused when things get really busy and I must apologise for this (blame it on my hormones). This week, I was so pleased with a funeral tribute Becks and I had spent hours working on, that I sent a picture to the relative who had ordered it, only to get a response which said…

 "Where are the flowers?"

What did she mean “Where are the flowers” ????? The whole tribute had been painstakingly made out of a variety of flowers, to exact specifications. I’m a FLORIST what did the customer think we’d made the tribute from???? 

Unfortunately, I sent a reply before re-reading the message.

"Looks amazing, what are the flowers?

So my lesson this week is to pay more attention, but not the unwanted attention of a middle-aged florist who doesn’t get out often.



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