A right royal wedding!

I do LOVE a good wedding. Happiness is most definitely infectious and no matter how stressful the preparations leading up to the big day are, it’s amazing what can be done with a little adrenaline, excitement and prosecco (a lot of prosecco) or sparkling English wine (my tipple of the season).

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You might have noticed that there was a big wedding on, in Windsor this weekend. It was a wedding which almost everyone who was anyone was invited to, except ME, although to be honest I was rather busy and couldn’t have gone anyway.

On Saturday morning, I was frantically laying the finishing touches to a bride’s flowers, making them perfect for her special day.

It doesn’t matter whether you are British royalty, a Hollywood celebrity, school teacher, accountant (I’m trying hard not to offend anyone here, while trying to get a point across), herdswoman or nurse… a BRIDE‘s day is one of the most special days of her life and all of us at ‘The Flower Shop‘ want to make that day as perfect as it can be, as far as the flowers are concerned (obvs).

For those who aren’t as down with the kids as I am

obvs is slang for 'obviously'

to me, this seems obvious, but why people feel the need to remove random letters from perfectly good words, just to confuse, is still slightly beyond my comprehension.

Back to THE WEDDING; the one my team and I had been entrusted to make beautiful.

Claire, now known as Claire2 (I’m obviously Claire1) and John spent Friday evening and Saturday morning creating the most amazing wedding arch from white roses and white peonies – not realising that the Royal couple were clearly well aware of our plans and had themselves chosen the very same flowers for the entrance to St.George’s chapel.



In fact, when news got out (via Radio Four) that White Roses and Peonies were the royal choice, we had a deluge of customers demanding all the stock we had – okay, we had one person drive by and call in and another call to ask if we had any in stock, which by pure coincidence we did (only because I over ordered on the wedding flowers).

The point I’m trying to make in this week’s blog is… no matter who is getting married , the ingredients that go into a fabulous wedding are always the same:

  • Love
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Flowers
  • Fun
  • Sparkling Wine

and that’s why I LOVE a wedding.

Now, I know you are all wondering… Did we get to see the other Wedding?

Well, for marketing and research purposes, I felt it was crucial that we all tuned in and Lower Street was completely deserted, so we weren’t expecting any customers.


The minute I whipped out the ipad and tuned in, in walked a chap, protesting about the fact that everyone else in THE WORLD seemed to be obsessed with the wedding, expressing how disinterested he was. I pretended that we weren’t desperate to see the bride arrive and I tried very hard to remain polite while rushing him out, when he caught sight of the bride getting out of the  vintage Rolls Royce Phantom (a fancy car in a gorgeous deep aubergine colour). Suddenly, something piqued his interest (probably the car) and he stayed to watch the whole affair.

Oh and we have a new Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

Maybe they will pop in every now and again to see what we have in store (I wonder if they’d be interested in a life-size pig?)





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