British Flowers in Bloom

Have you noticed that we have flowers in the shop all year round and wondered where they come from? Like food, we have become accustomed to getting what we want, pretty much when we want it. The days (before my time) when you had to make-do with what ever is available have almost been forgotten. There are still some very seasonal flowers, such as narcissi, peonies, sweet peas etc. and there are some specialist growers who can produce some flowers out of season , but even I would struggle if I had to rely solely on seasonal British Flowers all year round.

I’m not saying I couldn’t manage, it would require a lot of imagination and I love a challenge, but I’m not sure the business would last long. Autumn weddings could be beautifully adorned by foliage from evergreens and the rustic oranges and reds of autumnal leaves. We could even throw in some mushrooms, but choice would be rather limited.

I regularly use two wonderful British Flower growers, “Sussex Roses“, who are based down the road in West Chilts and ‘Crosslands Nursery (aka Alstro Ben). As well as a number of small seasonal suppliers.

Sussex Roses‘ are a small family firm and I absolutely love working with them, they are such lovely people and produce the most exquisite, small headed, sweet little roses.

‘Alstro Ben‘ is a huge celebrity among British Flower growers. It could be something to do with the youthful good-looks that appeal to middle-aged florists (yes I’m going to live to at least 110yrs), but more likely his celebrity is down to him and three previous generations of his family, being  expert growers of British Alstroemeria.

Alstroemeria is a beautiful flower which can be grown in the UK, under glass, all year round, but it’s in June, July & August when British Alstroemeria is at it’s VERY BEST and I simply can’t get enough of  him  it.

Men I find, often feel a little awkward coming into a florist shop. Maybe they feel intimidated by us Lady Florists, or maybe they just know nothing about choosing flowers, or shy about expressing their emotions and coming up with a suitable message.

So… I like to make them feel extra welcome.

Sometimes this extends to physically restraining them, placing myself between flowers and the door, but usually I just use my most charming charm and witty repartee. I should stress that I do this on behalf of all women, not just because I’m a terrible flirt. If you’ve received a beautiful bouquet from your nearest and dearest, I like to think I’ve played a small part in ensuring you get nothing but the best.

I think I’ve digressed slightly, sorry, I think it must be the thought of Ben, which sounds like Men. I’m so easily distracted 🙂

Back to British Blooms… Please take the opportunity to fill your house with the freshest, locally grown flowers, while they are at their very best. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Just ask us what we have in from local growers and you won’t be disappointed and gents, come in, you are most welcome!



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