Work Colleagues

Heatwave Madness!

I know us Brits aren’t supposed to complain about glorious sunshine, cloudless skies and Mediterranean  temperatures. But I’m beginning to know what it feels like to be poached from the inside out. I’m drinking sooooo much water I’m spending most of my time out the back in the shop loo, which also happens to be the coolest place in the UK at the moment and the place I keep most of the flowers and foliage to stop it wilting.

So, if you come in and it looks like there’s no one about, give me a shout and I’ll find my way out eventually.

Despite the heat and a few sporting distractions I’ve been super busy in the shop this week. The funeral work keeps coming in, which although sad is the most exciting and creative work I  do. I love a challenge and I’ve had quite a few… planes, motorbikes, typewriters but this week I was asked to recreate FIFA’s World Cup in flowers!!!!  Never one to say ‘NO’ to anything, this is what I came up with….


I’ve had lots of help in the shop too, we had young Ellie in for work experience –definitely an experience for anyone, I’m not sure what she learnt and I’d love to see her report when she’s back at school. On Friday Becky and Charlotte were in too and if that alone wasn’t worth coming to work for, our friend ‘the pudding fairy‘ came in with a cake to keep our energy levels up.

Then on Saturday my parents decided to pay a visit from Cornwall. I’ve already barred my mother from the shop on a Saturday, because we’re so busy and she does like to talk (almost as much as me) so Dad came in by himself.  Unlike me, Dad has a little trouble with small talk, he never really knows what to say especially to strangers. So when a gentleman came into the shop for some flowers and Dad was left loitering by the door the only thing he could come up with the break the silence was…

"My, haven't you got big feet!"  

I’ve no idea where that came from, what about “Nice day isn’t it?” or “Do you live nearby?” or “Do you come here often?” He’s here until Tuesday, so please let me apologise in advance to anyone else he accidentally offends.

While the heatwave continues, here’s some advice from your Village Florist :

  • It’s cool inside the shop, if you are passing, pop in and chill out.
  • Be careful to avoid direct sun when planting or potting new plants.
  • Water your plants well, early mornings and evenings are best.
  • Brighten up a cool, shaded corner inside with a fresh bouquet of colourful summer blooms from The Flowershop, Pulborough
  • Drink lots
  • Eat cake
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Relax







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