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The sound of Jingle bells in summer

With the hours I keep, I’ve had to learn to power nap. Basically, if you can’t hear me talking, chances are I’m asleep. Well, I must have dropped off in the shop this week, only to be woken by a customer coming through the door and asking if she could order her Christmas wreath.


I stood, frozen to the spot, I looked myself up and down; sandals, culottes, flowery shirt, apron. Definitely what I put on this morning and definitely a summer outfit.  And my legs were shaved, so definitely SUMMER!

I looked back up, staring at the lady who I thought had just asked if she could order a Christmas wreath.

“This Christmas?” I asked, without thinking.

She stared back.

“Yes” she replied, looking equally bemused.

After she left I suddenly panicked, realising it was AUGUST!

Yes, August….almost Christmas and I’m not ready!!!! The kids will be back at school soon, the X Factor trailers are on TV and this year’s Strictly contestants have already been revealed. How did that happen? Where did the time go? Have I been too tied up in a Wedding flowers that the whole summer has flown by without me noticing?

All my Christmas stock (not flower) was ordered way back in March/April. Believe me, in March, the last thing you want to think about is whether metallic pink is going to more or less popular than bronze, in December. Some of you will know that John works at John Lewis’ head office and they have a whole floor dedicated to Christmas, it’s Christmas there all year round!

Personally, I don’t understand the need to wait until December to crack open a bottle of bubbles, for breakfast, open that vintage red and eat cake. Working in a business that celebrates all life’s milestones, from births to funerals, you learn to celebrate every moment and that’s why I dislike planning too far ahead, it’s like wishing your time away.

I prefer to live in the moment. If I think about it, this could explain my passion for flowers. Flowers bloom and are at their peak of gorgeousness for such a short period of time. If you don’t admire them and appreciate them while you have them, you could miss their utmost beauty and before you know it they will have drooped.

So I say, enjoy and appreciate every moment, because one day you’ll have drooped too.

Love from,

Your droopy florist xx

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