Secret wedding

The last week has been very difficult for me. A man came into the shop last Friday and asked if I could keep a secret. Well the real answer was NO, not a chance! Tell me, and you may as well take out a book an aeroplane and splash your secret on a banner, before trailing it across the sky!

That was EXACTLY what the good looking gentleman was planning to do, but not for another week.

He was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him!!!!

I had actually known about this for some time as the man in question had been planning his proposal for about 6 months, but the most exciting part was, assuming the lady in question said yes, the wedding would be the very next day!!!!

He was here to finalise the wedding flowers including the bouquets. He was organising everything…the dress, the guests, the entertainment, the food and the bride to be unbeknown to her had been booked to make her own wedding cake.

When he told me of his plans I immediately started flapping like a penguin (it’s a habit I have when I get excited), my arms began flailing uncontrollably at my side. Claire2 was swiftly moving vases, flowers and fragile giftware out of my way before I sent them flying.

My sister-in-law walked in through the shop door at that very moment.

“This man is planning a surprise wedding, next week” I screamed, jumping up and down, wishing I’d worn my Tena pants.

I looked at the man’s face, his shocked look reminded me that this was supposed to be a secret. Oops!

“Oh don’t worry about Michelle, she doesn’t know anyone and wouldn’t say anything anyway” I said, not mentioning that she managed all the The Flower Shop’s Social Media.

I was slightly worried, beneath all my excitement. What if she said NO, could he be sure that she wanted to get married and what if she had always dreamed of planning her dream wedding?

My concern increased as we started to discuss flower choices.

“What’s her favourite flower?” I asked

“No idea” he replied.

“Do you think she’d go for bold and colourful, or soft and floaty?”

“Urrr…mmm…what do you think would be best?”

“OK what’s her favourite colour?”

This went on for while, until we were both happy we’d chosen the PERFECT flowers for what was going to be a fabulous surprise.

We spoke again several times throughout last week. The aeroplane trailing the banner saying “Marry me Karen” was due to fly passed on Friday afternoon and Mr Karen was due to pick the flowers up on Saturday morning. He had everything covered but I did wonder if there would be dozens of Karens rushing home to their partners shouting yes, yes, YES I WILL!

In the end it was too cloudy to do the fly past on Friday, so Mr. Karen had to ask her himself and I’m thrilled to say, she said YES!!!!

Also, when Mr Karen came in to pick up his bride’s bouquet he actually burst into tears – I’m hoping that was because he was delighted and over-emotional, not for any other reason.

suprise wedding





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