I’ll leave it in your capable hands

This is music to my ears.

I’m more than happy to be guided, even to work to very specific instructions regarding flowers, foliage, colours, shape etc. whatever my lovely customers want, but I’m never happier than when a customer says…”I’ll leave it to you”

This gets me really excited!!!!

It’s usually good to have an idea as to who the bouquet is for and what the occasion is but it means a lot when a customer is happy to leave certain choices to their florist. I can understand, it’s like going into a hairdressers and saying “Do what you like!”

We all have certain requests and requirements, after all no one knows you better than you and your hair, like flowers say a lot about the person wearing them.

I once gave my hairdresser a picture of how I’d like my hair to look. Her reply was simple.

“I’ve got scissors, not a blinking wand”

Luckily, I love my hairdresser and trust her implicitly, which is good as most of the time I’m too squiffy to notice what she’s doing. I should explain here that Jess (the hairdresser) comes round for cut & colour evenings at my house, I don’t as a rule stagger into a salon after a glass or two four of Henning’s finest.

This week I was given the perfect opportunity to come up with something special on a very limited budget. A lovely bride came in a while ago, wanting a full wedding package; bridal bouquet, bridesmaids, bouquets, thank you bouquets and button-holes for half the usual cost.  The only way I could do this was if she trusted me to create the whole package myself, with flowers I had in stock at the time. All the flowers would be fresh and of the highest quality, but I would work with whatever was available. This is a bit like the invention test on Professional Masterchef.

Doing this gave me another great idea. I could offer a bouquet of the week or a seasonal bouquet which used a selection of the flowers and foliage we had in the shop at any one time at a fixed price. I could also offer this online, so anyone could order a beautiful bouquet with a couple of clicks, whilst on the go. Shy men could also ask for a romantic message to be added, without having to relay it to me or one of our other florists, or John.

I quickly got on to my web-lady and asked if this would be possible. She said “Yes” and set it up straight away!


The only slight hitch is….. I have to keep checking my emails! I’ve promised a 2hr turn-around, which is absolutely fine, as long as I’ve seen the order.

But don’t worry, we’re just trialling it at the moment and I promise I’ll be on to every order that comes in….now I just have to wait.






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