Flower shop chit-chat

I like to chat.

Well that’s not news, anyone who knows me, knows I can talk the hind legs off a donkey. It’s things like that, that intrigue me. I mean how can you talk the hind legs off a donkey? Who came up with that phrase and how did it catch on? Does anyone know what it means?

I can start a conversation about anything, anything at all. Just say a single word and I can relate it to some story or another. I’m not talking about gossip, I never gossip,  but what’s a fact without some embellishment?

It’s like a flower, without foliage.

And if you step into the Flowershop, you’ll be sure to find a fresh abundance flowers and foliage on a daily basis.

Recently, I came across this little meme and thought it summed me up perfectly…although I’m quite happy to exchange Champagne for gin, wine, rhubarb liqueur, elderberry fizz…

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 15.45.40

My inquisitiveness can however lead me down all sorts of avenues and sometimes I have to wonder how I got there.

For example, earlier this week, someone came in, strangely not for flowers, but for a chat. Anyway, I’m not sure what lead us to talking about hair removal, maybe it was Becky standing there stripping leaves off stems of flower, but a seemingly innocent conversation somehow lead on to whether it was fashionable for the ‘lady garden‘ to be stripped completely bare.

“Oh, yes!” said Becky “So ‘n’ so is going to have her Dandelion garden (downstairs lady area)  completely waxed this afternoon”

The peppermint I was sucking on suddenly shot out of my mouth, almost hitting Becks between the eyes and between splutters of disbelief I repeated what Becky had just said.

Uhhhhummm” came a deep reply came.

I turned around and there stood a gentleman, who at some point had come into the shop (the door being open to let in the fresh autumnal air). The smartly dressed gentleman, stood smiling, not giving away the slightest hint of overhearing anything we had been saying, although I almost chocked myself, trying to hold in the laughter when he said he’d come in to pick up his wife’s flowers!

The moral of this tale: if you have sensitive ears, make a loud noise when entering the shop, or if you fancy a chat while choosing your bouquet, bring cake, coffee or chocolate.




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