Unwrapping Christmas!

Sparkle, flowers, spirits and spice

I am like an eight year old when it comes to Christmas. The sparkle, food, decorations and drink get me all excited. Over the last few weeks boxes have been arriving from the wholesaler, filled with stock I ordered months ago. Opening the boxes has been such fun, half the stuff I couldn’t even remember ordering and the best part was opening the boxes with all my florists and seeing their faces as I pulled out the sparkliest most christmassy novelty objects you couldn’t imagine.

I think I surpassed myself this year. I have something to make everyone’s Christmas extra special, whatever their taste. Annemarie’s face is a fabulous gauge of how over the top I’ve actually gone. Just imagine the look she gave me when I pulled out the the two foot high stuffed reindeer wearing their very own tartan jackets, wooly boots and novelty hats.

Meet Clive and Cassandra!

Becky, Lisa, Claire2 and Charlottie all got to join in unwrapping and there were whoops of laughter and screeches of surprise every time a new box came in.

Even the flowers are looking festive! We have lots of reds, greens and silvers, all fresh and natural and then there’s the wreaths, lots and lots of festive wreaths. If you haven’t got yours yet, nows the time. Most will last until way beyond New Year and they come in a whole range of styles, whether you fancy something fruity or cabbagey 🙂

As well as a feast for the eyes, we also have a carnival for the nose. We’ve got hundreds of fragrant candles, from Spiced Gingerbread (which just makes me hungry), Darjeeling Tea Rose which smells like a posh tart’s boudoir, to Sleigh BellsI’m still trying to work out what sleigh bells smell of and just hoping they’re not dog sleighs because I’ve been in the back of one of those and believe me the smell isn’t pleasant.

Among all the pre-xmas excitement, my dear Dad has been in hospital. I know he’s going to be OK, but his health has been playing on my mind. He was having surgery on Friday morning and when the shop phone rang during a particularly busy period and a slightly confused man’s voice said “Hello” for some reason I thought it was Dad (although if I’d thought about it for more than a couple of seconds, he should have been deeply under anaesthetic and I’m sure he wouldn’t have been allowed a mobile phone).

“Hello, Dad!” 

“How did the operation go?”

“How are things down below?”

“Oh, I’m SO SORRY, I thought you were my Dad!!!!”

“A bouquet, yes of course, what would you like?”

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