Christmas wreaths

My first Vlog

I like to think myself a natural entertainer! 

Improvisation is something that, to me, comes naturally. I never seem to run out of something to say, whether it’s appropriate or not, is another matter. If I try and learn a script I’ll forget everything and dry up after the first line, which is probably why I was never picked for the lead role in any of my school plays. Personally, I think they should have given me the parts. Cinderella would have been much more interesting if she’d taken to drinking at home while her ugly sisters went out partying and the reason she lost her shoe was because she fell over drunk while trying to do the Hokey Cokey with Prince Charming. 

I’m not sure how I became a florist when I was so obviously destined for the stage. I guess it must have been down to not getting those leading roles at school. Improvised comedy didn’t come in until the ’90s. Although, being a florist is just as good, if not better. I’m able to make people smile by creating beautiful floral displays or simple and honest bouquets. The shop is my stage, I can fill it with all the things I love and know others will love too. Especially at Christmas!

Christmas shop
Christmas delights

This week I got to star in my own reality show!

We have lots of different wreaths ready made up in the shop and we’re more than happy to personalise them. Still, some people like the idea of making their own, so I thought I’d make a video that shows everyone how to make their own wreath in the hope that they’ll be put off and just buy one.

I had a great time making the videos, I say videos or vlogs (as they are now called) because I’m told that people need bitesized info-bites and don’t have time to sit and watch ME for a whole 10minutes. Becky was my wonderful assistant, again, I say assistant when in fact she did all the work, while I just got in the way, in between explaining what she was doing of course.

 We got going pretty quickly

I couldn’t close up the shop, so we just had to get going and hope no one walked in and wondered what on earth was going on. I made sure we had everything we needed to hand, including the red wine and chocolates! Although I neglected to make sure that there was a corkscrew and wine glass, so we had to do a few cuts. 

Finally our film director managed to get enough footage to make FOUR brief episodes, that included everything anyone would want to get started and make a jolly nice Christmas wreath. There are a few outtakes which I might share, but we’ve included pretty much everything including the little Dutch Ladybird that wanted to get in on the act.

All 4 parts are available to view on our Facebook page @theflowershoppulborough

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