Trials and tribulations

village florist
Behind the scenes

Sometimes keeping a smile on your face is harder than it looks, even for me. I’m here to cheer people up, the friendly smile when you’re feeling down, the warm hug when you need it most. After all, I’m a florist and that’s what florists do, whatever the occasion. 

When it comes to Christmas, that’s what it’s ALL about, giving and sharing happiness, good wishes, love and cheer. So what happens when another part of your life brings stress, sadness, concern and despair? 

You just have to get on with it, that’s what.

I’ve never had a ‘proper’ job, the sort where you clock on and clock off, one you can take a holiday from and not worry. People often talk about the joys of being self-employed, the freedom, the flexibility, the profound sense of achievement. I hear this and wonder where I’m going wrong!

The reason for my misery during this time of merriment is somewhat down to the grey skies and incessant drizzle, but largely because my Dad being in and out of hospital. My parents live down in Cornwall which is great if you fancy a week at the seaside, but not ideal if Dad needs picking up from the hospital or taking to the doctors. This task has been laid firmly at the door of my younger, taller, blonder sister (I knew they’d be a downside to being tall, blonde and blue-eyed). I have four siblings, one lives here in Pulborough, one in Wales and two in Cornwall. My youngest brother who lives with my parents is in the navy and is currently on a submarine somewhere I know not where, so has a good reason why he can’t help out and I feel guilty that I can’t just drop everything and go.

I worry about Dad and what’s going on down in Cornwall, but at the same time I have deliveries to make, wedding bouquets to make up, table decorations to create, Christmas wreaths to assemble, wreath making events to host, a shop to open and put away and staff to organise. I have to be in the shop and out in the van delivering flowers, at the same time. I have to answer the phone and give the caller my full attention while my sister is calling on my mobile, then remember to write up the order and pin it on the board. I have to remember to order fresh flowers on a daily basis from more than one supplier and I have to find space to put everything when those orders arrive.

So, if you come in and find me in floods of tears because I’ve forgotten to replace the loo roll in the shop toilet (which no one can get into because it’s full of flowers and Poinsettia plants) or I’m sat in the van with a mouth stuffed full of Liquorice Allsorts with tears streaming down my face, it’s because I’m a little stressed at the moment.


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