I’m a florist, get me out of here!

This week has been manic, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time to worry about anything else, which in a way is a good thing, but when I’m this busy I often don’t have time to think at all. I just run around, and this week I’ve run a couple of marathons. I say ‘run‘ but to be honest I can’t remember ever actually running, in the sense of having two feet off the ground at any one time while moving at speed. My run is more of a wiggle or a bounce…actually I’d say it was exactly that wiggle, bounce, wiggle, bounce, wiggle.

If you’ve been in the village this week, you will have noticed me wiggling and bouncing all over the place; in the shop, out of the shop, back in the shop, down the road, up the road, back into the shop. I’ve no idea what I’ve been doing, but I’ve been very busy and moving about helps me think. 

I should be down to about 8 stone by now 

The beginning of the week was spent making wreaths, dozens and dozens of them each one slightly different. I love adding a special touch to our Christmas wreaths, last year was the odd sprout, this year it’s the odd cabbage! Wreath making is not good for the hands though, my once upon a time, soft smooth, beautifully manicured hands now look like those of a Welsh quarryman.

Sore, prickled, cold and dry.

So by mid week I was exhausted, dishevelled, prickled and most probably pickled. It was Thursday and I still had Friday and Saturday to go, the two busiest days of the year for Christmas Wreath sales and I also had two weddings and a funeral to get out!

Wedding number one was on Thursday and I had to drop (not literally) flowers at the venue in Arundel by midday. Thursday was as busy as ever and there was only two of us in. John had to go off to work (again), so I was florist and delivery driver. I carefully packed the van, I had to somehow get everything in so I only had to make one trip. I managed it with minutes to spare and made it to Arundel just in time, but couldn’t find anywhere to park. I drove round and round looking for somewhere within wiggling distance of the venue to stop and unload. After circling for 10 minutes I spotted a space right in the middle of town. I nipped in, sharpish and started to unload from the back. I got most of the large items out on to the pavement, but there was a table decoration I needed which was wedged in, up near the front. I clambered in, stepping over a couple of dutch buckets, kicking one over in the process and wetting myself, then to balance myself before falling backwards back out of the van doors and down the steep hill I grabbed the handle on the inside.

The door slammed shut and I was lying on my back, bum wedged against the door with my stumpy little legs in the air like a turtle. I managed to right myself but the back doors were jammed shut.

I crawled up the van, remember I was parked on a steep hill, so this was no mean feat and attempted to climb through the small gap between driver’s and passenger’s seat. I managed to get my ample bosom over the top but then toppled forwards so my head was on the seat and my bum was now in front of the windscreen. Exhausted I grabbed the door handle and flopped out on to the pavement. I sat there in the middle of town, my apron round my neck, a loose boob under one armpit and foliage poking out all over the place.

By the way, we’re still busy making Christmas wreaths so if you haven’t got one yet, nip down to the shop and choose your favourite.

Never-ending festive garland

PS. Thanks to everyone who sent best wishes and offers off help last week when I was struggling more than usual.

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