Looking forward 2019 with cheery optimism

I ‘m leaving all the stress, strain and uncertainty of 2018 behind and looking forward to a bright, cheerful and exciting future. I spent most of the Christmas break preparing for hibernation, eating enough to keep a giant bear alive for 6 months and drinking enough to send me into a deep, deep sleep which in reality only lasted 48hrs, before I rolled off the sofa and to John’s annoyance found myself back in the shop.

We had pretty much sold EVERYTHING in the shop in the last few days before Christmas, so there was no point in opening, but I had some funeral flowers to arrange and the shop being empty gave me the chance to move everything around in the hope of finding more desperately needed space. Turning around without sending a vase or two flying, is especially difficult in a confined space with a chest as buxom as mine.

I’ve completely lost track of days but I know we opened sometime last week to a flurry of ‘I’m sorry your Christmas present must have got lost‘ bouquets.

I’m not going to dwell on the best and worst bits of 2018 because it’s in the past and there’s lots to look forward to. I’m one year closer to retirement for one!

The village is prospering, we are soon to have another shop on the high street. Apparently it’s going to be a high-end bicycle shop, so just up my street (not). I know I’ve spoken of having a fleet of Flower Shop push-bikes, but really… no one wants to see me in lycra!

We’ve got a new florist starting soon and we have lots of wonderful wedding work booked in throughout the year.

So all that’s left for me to do this year is to wish all my customers, friends, family and neighbours all the very best for 2019!

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