Exciting news for the village!

It’s a new year and while the news is full of depressing news from the High Street. Lower Street in Pulborough is showing loads of promise!

Shopping is all about the experience. Who wants to go out, spend their hard earn money on whatever they want or need and finish feeling miserable, frustrated or just plain bored. I know people who used to love shopping on the high street, wherever they lived, popping into town or the village used to be a social event. Even if you bought nothing more than a newspaper and a pint of milk, it was nice to get out, bump into a neighbour, have a chat with a shop owner, catch up on the gossip, far better than Morning TV or half an hour on social media.

So what happened?

Supermarkets mainly. Once you could get all your shopping in one place and that place was full of people you don’t know, then shopping simply became a chore. The next step was shopping online, why drive to and queue up to pay for stuff that you could order online?

But through all the bad news of online retailers having a poor Christmas and Supermarkets having a slump, the Village is thriving!!!!

The Liitle Bean Cafe
The Little Bean Cafe

People want to pop into the village and soon there’s going to be more reasons to do so….

Firstly, The Tea Room is turning into ‘The Little Bean Cafe‘ a lovely couple who run another village cafe a few miles away in Cowfold. They are super friendly, they know what local people want and wait for it….they are going to be open for Sunday Brunch!

This isn’t going to help my petite, doll-like waistline, I’m already dreaming of picking up a Sunday newspaper from Pulborough Stores and shuffling along to The Little Bean Cafe and treating myself and John to a home cooked breakfast EVERY SUNDAY!

I don’t want to miss out on lazy Sunday lunch at the Oddfellow’s Arms though, so it looks like most of Sunday will be spent eating.

John’s waistline won’t be much affected as the other piece of exciting news for the village is… THE BIKE SHOP!

There’s a new bike shop opening on Tuesday. I’m not going to actually get my leg over, but this really is more good news for the village. It’s an independent shop run by people who know all about bikes most of all have a passion for cycling.

Lower Street, Pulborough

This means that Lower Street now has The Flower Shop, Wine Merchant, Butcher, Village stores, Cafe/Coffee shop, Veterinary Practice, Estate Agents, Solicitors, Funeral Directors, Health Shop, Dentist, Publisher, Dry Cleaner, Interior and Appliances , Pub, Bike Shop, two Barbers, Hairdresser, Library, Village Hall and Charity shop

Everything you could possibly want from a Sussex village!

Claire, Rachel and Daisy!

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