Sussex’ Most Romantic

So who are Sussex’ Most Romantic? Well according to The Flower Shop, the most romantic live in West Chilltington, closely followed by residents of Coldwaltham and of course Pulborough itself!

It’s always difficult to judge how many rich red roses to get in for Valentine’s day. As you can imagine the price of roses shoots up in the days leading up to February 14th. What you might be surprised to hear though is, the earlier you place your order in the international flower market, the more expensive they are. Leave it late and you might be left with cheap but poor quality roses or NO roses at all.

So, way before most men start thinking about booking their delivery or even deciding on which lucky person in their life is worthy of a beautiful romantic bouquet. I have to guess, yes GUESS how many sumptuous, red roses of the highest quality we are going to need. There’s no use waiting until orders start flooding in, because believe me, at least 80% of men will leave it until the very last minute and by that I mean 4pm on Valentine’s day itself!

Order too few and we could be responsible for divorces, arguments, days in the dog house or even MURDER! Order too many and we could be left with lots of beautiful roses, waiting to be sold. But imagine getting a dozen red roses, the day AFTER Valentine’s day? What would that say… Mr Cheapskate, Mr Forgetful, Mr McGuilty, Mr Get me out the dog-house?

For many, Valentine’s day is overly commercial and it’s true that you can buy a loved one a beautiful bunch of flowers at anytime of the year…But having one day of the year dedicated purely to ROMANCE is simply delightful, even for the least romantic of us. If you haven’t got a partner, you should treat yourself, remember those that have passed and dream of opportunities to come.

Delivering bouquets is even more exciting than creating them. Knocking on an unknown door, waiting, hearing footsteps and then seeing the delight and often disbelief on someone’s face, over and over again. This can’t help but make you happy.

Happiness must rub off in some way.

It really is the thought that counts, but in the shop we did have a secret Love-ometer  (just for fun)

  • Supermarket Roses – “I’d better buy something.” thought.
  • The single rose – for the single man, with romantic expectations.
  • The bare minimum – the ‘There you go, what’s for dinner?’ bunch.
  • The standard Valentine’s bunch – the ‘What’s for dessert?‘ bunch.
  • The classy, something slightly different bunch – the ‘I love you for who you are‘ bunch
  • The ‘Wow’ bunch – the out to impress bunch.
  • The “Wow, wow , wow’ bouquet – the ‘Speaks for Itself’  bunch.

In the end I ordered 700 Red Roses and when we closed up we had just 6 roses left and a trail of happy couples from Billigshurst to Storrington.

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