I’ve made it into the Movies!

I’ve always craved attention. Maybe that’s why I love being the village florist. People may flock to The Pulborough Flower shop, for the gorgeous flowers and stylish home and gardenware, but secretly I think most people come to see ME!!!

OK maybe that sounds rather big-headed, but I do like the attention. I love people, well most people, I love finding out what things we have in common, I love to hear other people’s stories and I love storytelling, I love performing – just pop into the shop if you fancy a rendition of ‘I dreamed a Dream’ from Les Mis’ or you fancy a Cha cha cha between the flower buckets.

I may not be very good, but I’m always entertaining!

Anyway, this week I was approached by an organisation wanting to make a short FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well a sort of documentary, or informational feature. The organisation was Cats Protection and they were looking for a florist who was knowledgeable, friendly, relaxed and who would look good in front of the camera to STAR in a National campaign. Who else could that be but MEEEEEEEEEEEE!

The ‘film crew’ arrived with lights, cameras, microphones and both bundled into the shop. Rach and Charlotte were on hand to touch up my make-up and I put on a CLEAN apron and before I knew it Lights, Camera….ACTION!

To help, in case I dried up Rachel and Charlotte were very kindly writing ‘ad libs’ or rather suggestive words on a placard for me to include and I had a director on hand to ensure the film was both informative and entertaining (I think it worked!).

“Could you just move to the side slightly…we can’t quite get the flower in shot”

“Could you hold that stem closer to your face when talking”

“Could you hold the stalk and maybe just give it a quick lick”

“Just brush against it, as if you were a passing cat”

Now, you might be mistaken in thinking this was an ‘adult’ film we were making and to be honest a couple of customers came in and then quickly retreated without saying a word. Charlotte even ran down the road after one regular customer, trying to reassure her that we were OPEN and it was safe to come in.

I didn’t need a script and I’d already picked out the many, many cat unfriendly flowers, bulbs and foliage that exist. If you have cats, don’t panic, there are lots of other cat-friendly flowers and to be honest as long as you don’t chop certain flowers up and mix them in with Felix’s food you’d have to be extremely unlucky if you, or a loved one, ended up with a sickly puss puss.

I would however advise everyone to watch the ‘Cats Protection’s Flower advice.. The Movie’ when it comes out (I’ll ask my PR team to pass on the details as soon as I know when it’s been released). In the meantime, if you have any concerns at all, feel free to give us a call or just mention that the recipient is a cat owner when ordering flowers. 

I should add, that well as Cat-lovers we also cater for Chicken, Duck and Bunny-lovers too. If you don’t believe me, check out our new website page!

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