Family matters

Did you know… I’m a GRANDMOTHER!

I know that’s hard to believe given my youthful complexion, teenage figure and glossy brown hair (all natural of course). If you’ve met my husband John, the silver fox, it won’t be a surprise that he’s a Grandad, but you see I was a child bride 😀 I also have two sons in their thirties.

Last weekend, John, I and my brother Phil made a flying visit down to visit family in Cornwall, leaving the Flower Shop in Becky and Rachel’s very capable hands (proving I’m getting better at relinquishing power), then whizzing back on Sunday, in time to post last week’s blog.

This week my son, his wife and my gorgeous, three year old little cherub of grandson came to visit!!! I was SOOOO excited when they turned up by surprise on Thursday afternoon. The shop was quickly transformed into a playground with flower buckets becoming goal posts and me standing in as LUFC’s finest goal-keeper, only not that fine as the ball went flying passed me, hitting poor Charlotte, smack in the side of her head as she was busy making button-holes. Charlotte simply smiled and carried on like the true professional.

Florists galore
Organised Chaos

Later, I gave ‘Mum & Dad’ a break by being turning into SuperGran, converting my living room into a soft-play area and encouraging little Harry to bounce, jump and dive off every piece of furniture I had. John joined in, teaching him to dive into a pile of cushions, while the ‘adults’ kept out of the way. To be honest playing SuperGan is pretty tiring, it’s amazing how much energy a three year old has, especially when fuelled by chocolate and sugar! (if Emma and James are reading this, it was John).

Feeding the ducks
Little Harry helping John feed the ducks

Back in the shop, things were almost under control. We’ve already done our first wedding of 2019, but every wedding is different and equally important. This weekend it was bride Beth’s Big Day, at Fitzleroi Barn.

Flowers at the top table of Fitzleroi Barn

No matter how prepared you are the days leading up to someone’s big day can be pretty stressful. To ensure the flowers are as fresh as they can be, you HAVE TO leave everything to the last minute. I’m a ‘last-minute‘ sort of person so I’m usually calm and in control, any jumping up and down, flapping my arms about, trying not to pee myself is pure excitement. However, I have to rely on OTHER people to ensure that the right flowers arrive at the right time and that’s what’s stressful!

Ensuring the chosen flowers are available- check. Ordering the flowers in plenty of time – check. Ensuring that the flowers are going to arrive ‘just-in-time’ – check. Ensuring the main flowers aren’t left on the runway of Bogota airport….. Aaaagh!!

Bride's bouquet
The bride’s bouquet, including fresh roses from Bogota

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