Brexit Blooms

Don’t mention the ‘B’ word!

I’m not going to say it, because whatever your political view, like me I’m sure you are ‘Bored of Brexit’ (BOB) and fed up to the back teeth of hearing about what will happen if we leave Europe without a deal. After all it’s not going to affect the Village Flower Shop is it!!?

Well, I’m doing my best to hide any disruption by stuffing BOB under my apron.

For a start, no one wants to come in the shop and listen to me moaning about the international flower market and strikes in France. So I don’t. Instead I’ll continue to twitter on about the weather, chickens and the size of my bottom, while singing the soundtrack from La la Land (badly), pretending that Pulborough and it’s little Flower Shop are totally immune to international politics.

But, if you come in asking to order a specific flower, at short notice, you might be mistaken into thinking I’m slightly more nuts than usual, when I start flapping about trying to convince you that British Alstroemeria is a perfect alternative to scented Italian Stocks. In a case like this, I haven’t gone completely mad, but if truth be told certain European countries have already started to put in place ‘no deal B word’ procedures which means that flower orders are being affected.

Other businesses that import stock from Europe, such as wine importers and pharmaceuticals can and are busy stock piling, but I can’t stock pile Flower and the hub of the world’s flower market happens to be in Europe. I am ordering more than usual, especially towards the end of the week just in case the early Monday morning delivery from Southampton docks doesn’t turn up, but that means the shop is often filled with flower on a Saturday that has to stay fresh until Monday. Luckily while the climate is still on the chilly side, this isn’t a huge problem, but what’s available on Monday depends largely on what’s sold on Saturday.

I always try and get in a beautiful array of seasonal blooms, including a quite a few unusual flowers that you wouldn’t see in your typical florist and most certainly not at the local supermarket. I want our bouquets to delight and surprise and I like it when they look slightly different every week by just changing a few of the flowers. Getting a regular supply of the most popular flowers available is fairly easy, even with the current delays, but you know me, I’m never conventional and run-of-the-mill is BORING!

When your business takes one step forward and two steps back, just smile and turn it into a Cha cha cha” I don’t know who said this first but I’m taking credit for it and this week I’ve been Cha cha cha ing all around the village.

So, for the next few weeks at least, please bear with me and allow a couple of extra days if you want anything specific, especially on the run up to Mother’s that’s going to be interesting!!!

Do get your Mother’s Day orders in as early as possible, that way I will have a good idea of how much Flower to order and will be able to get the best of what is available.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of our lovely flowers ….

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