Village life goes on

It’s hard to follow on from last week’s blog. For friends and family of the woman who was killed in that accident, life will never be the same again. In the wider community the day will remain significant, more for some than others, but life goes on.

Mothers are becoming grandmothers, sisters are becoming aunties, brothers are becoming uncles, daughters are becoming daughter-in-laws, sons, son-in-laws. Friends are celebrating birthdays, spouses are celebrating anniversaries and trains are running late, just like always!

As a florist I see and hear about all aspects of daily life, even late trains (usually in detail and at great length). Some days I have to deal with sad news, very occasionally there’s a tragedy but whatever the occasion, flowers are always sent as a gesture of LOVE.

Once I was asked to send a bouquet of dead, rotting flowers, with thorny foliage to the new girlfriend of the requesters ex-husband. I politely declined.

This week has been rather unremarkable.

My dish washer broke! To some this might seem like a minor inconvenience, but to me it’s a DISASTER!! My hands might look like they have been soaking in soapy water for half a century, but in truth I’m allergic to dirty dishes. The thought of putting my hand in a sink and feeling a stray piece of loosened gravy pass through my fingers, makes me want to heave. Whereas seeing sparkling clean glasses stacked neatly on a shelf makes me beam with happiness.

I almost had a meltdown in a popular homeware and appliance store though. Can you imagine coming into my shop, wanting some fresh flowers, or just something to cheer yourself up, and being presented with a catalogue.

“We can order whatever you want and I’ll even deliver it… sometime next week” says I, with a broad smile on my face.

You might reply “No, no, I want a bouquet to take home with me, I can put it in the car, I’m happy to wait, but I’d like it NOW”

That doesn’t sound like an impossible request does it? But apparently in some shops, the days when you could walk in, buy something and take it home are well and truly over!!!

The only other, slightly unusual occurrence this week was having a chicken in the shop, for the day. Yes, it was a LIVE chicken and NO it wasn’t for sale. Poor old Nancy-pants was feeling a little low as she’s recently been picked on by the rest of the brood.

However, if you are after some decorative Chickens, Bunnies or Eggs pop in this week as we have lots to brighten up your Easter.

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