Easter Weekend in the village

The end of this week has really felt like a holiday. For me, Easter feels more like a holiday than Christmas. Christmas is quite a stressful period for your village florist, we are super busy in the weeks leading up to the day itself and when it comes to finally shutting up the shop on Christmas eve, I’m a complete wreck. I crawl home, exhausted, hoping the fire has been lit and someone (John) is there to hand me a large Sherry. I then sleep for two days before re-opening the shop and preparing for New Year celebrations.

Easter on the other hand is much more relaxing. This year the warm weather and sunshine has put a smile on most faces that come into the shop. People have wanted to fill their houses and gardens with fresh spring flowers, chickens and bunny rabbits and I’ve loved making Easter themed floral displays.

An Easter basket

They say happiness is infectious and I’m sure it is. Yesterday I had a lovely day in the shop. Rach and Becky were busy making up spring bouquets, John was out delivering ( I tried to get him to wear a pair of bunny ears but he put his foot down and refused – sometimes he reminds me of Eeyore, actually he’s just like Eeyore!).

Most days, going to work is like stepping into ‘The hundred Acre Wood’. Each day I get to work with some of my best friends;

Becky is Kanga, wise, motherly, kind, generous but with a dark sense of humour (the sort you need if you have teenagers). Rach is Gopher (Google him), hardworking and busy but hates being woken up from Winter hibernation. Charlotte I’d say was PigletSmall and slender piglet, pink skin, both rose ears and snout, thin black eyebrows, matching beady eyes, magenta jumpsuit with black-hairlined stripes (according to Wikipedia not me). Maybe I should stop there… but I could go on, for example my sister-in-law Michelle is most definitely TiggerEnergetic, rambunctious, childish, dramatic, loyal, friendly and optimistic, who bounces in several times a day, just for a chat. Lisa, you’re Christopher Robin, Annemarie is Owl and Alison, you’re Kessie.

So when I think about it, I’m very lucky, going to work is like going out to play with my friends, even if it’s not always fun.

A typical day in the Flower Shop

So, today (Easter Sunday), I’m having a relaxing morning eating toasted chocolate hot cross buns, in my garden, surrounded by ducks and chickens, waiting to go around to my brother’s house for lunch… Tigger has made a cucumber cheesecake which I’m dying to try (NOT!).

Oh, remember the shop will be CLOSED on TUESDAY! I know, it’s hard to believe, but the flower auctions don’t re-open until Tuesday, so we’d have no fresh flower available.

Back to normal on Wednesday!

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