A mid-week Shopping Spree

Oh what a week!!

Following a wonderfully relaxing 5-day weekend, the remaining 4 days (Weds- Sat) have been rather stressful. I have an elderly pussy (cat) called Lillie who is now in her nineteenth year. She spends most of her time living in our bedroom, occasionally nipping out for the loo or to lie in the sun.

This week, Lillie has for some reason decided that going out for a wee is just too much effort and wetting the bed is so much easier.

She started this on Wednesday. Maybe this was an act of defiance in reaction to both John and I going back to work but if so she certainly got her point across. Her pee, went through the duvet, through the under-sheet and through to the mattress (she must have drunk a bucket of water).

So on Wednesday evening, after closing up the shop I shop off into town to go shopping for some new bedding and an electric blanket which I hoped would dry out the mattress before it was time for bed ( don’t do this at home, because I’m not sure whether putting an electric blanket on a wet bed is actually very wise).

I pulled into the shopping centre and ran into the first shop, where I purchased a very expensive electric blanket ( surprised that they weren’t actually on offer, given that it’s now Spring and temperatures here have hit the mid 20’s), a duvet and a duvet cover. I threw them into the Flower Shop van but before leaving I just had to pop into my favourite shop and ‘Home of the Bargain‘ just in case there was anything in there which I just had to have.

I walked through the doors and there it was… A huge wrought iron market stall or carriage for a pretty large pony!

At first, I wasn’t sure whether it was actually for sale, or whether it was part of the shop, but there was a price tag swinging off the side.

“Excuse Me?” I said to someone I thought worked there ” Is this for sale?”

“That??” came his reply. “Yes” I said, all excited.

I’ll go and ask” he said looking around for someone else.

He returned with two more assistants and the store manager.

I’d like to buy this item” I said

No Problem, that’s fine” the store manager said in a high pitched voice. I’m sure I heard one assistant whisper “I didn’t think anyone would buy THAT” and the other assistant replyI don’t even know what IT is!

I had no idea how I was going to get it back to the shop as it was bigger than the van, but thankfully the manager assured me that it was possible to dismantle the whole structure and if I came back in a day or two they would have it ready for me.

I’m guessing you are all dying to know what this thing looks like, well here you are…

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