It’s not like this in London Town, you know!

It makes such a difference when people take the time to call the shop to say how delighted they are with the flowers they’ve received. It makes all of us happy and is a real testament to all the hard work, long hours, experience and creative flair of our florists and the care provided by our suppliers and growers.

This week we’ve had a plethora of calls, emails and social media posts saying how much customers have enjoyed receiving our flowers and how much they appreciate the effort we have put into making such stunning displays. This makes us SO HAPPY!

One particular morning Becks and I were in early to put together fresh bouquets for our morning deliveries – which reminds me, I must introduce you to Deborah. Deborah used to work in the shop as a florist but has returned to help me out with all our deliveries.

Deborah’s Deliveries

Now that John is back working in London, he’s not able to do as many deliveries as he did when he was ‘working from home and recently I found myself almost permanently out on the road. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy tootling around the countryside in the Flower Shop van but I also love being in the shop doing what I do best – Floristry!

Anyway…where was I? Ah yes, in the shop with Becks, preparing the morning’s flowers, when in came a customer.

She was a tall, striking woman, with smart slacks, a short jacket and BIG HAIR. She was well made up and given that I barely have time to slap a handful of concealer under my tired eyes and brush of mascara to make them appear open in the morning, I did wonder how early I’d have to get up to do a full face.

I greeted her with my biggest and cheeriest “Good Morning!

I got a look, but no reply as she perused the buckets of flowers that had just arrived, fresh from the continent.

“Do you have any Chamomile in?”

“Yes, we have some gorgeous Matricaria over here” I said gently pulling out a fresh stem with multiple flower heads”


“How much is that per stem?”

“Just One British pound” I replied

HOW MUCH!!????”

I could get stems much cheaper in London town” she replied in a high pitched voice similar to a pantomime dame. I was half waiting for her to slap her thigh as she was saying it.

I bit my lip to stop myself from saying “Off you pop then” and instead attempted to explain that flower prices were largely set on the continent, just think of the Dutch Flower Market being the same as the London Stock Exchange, and that wherever you went in the UK prices would be roughly the same.

By this time I had my arms folded, pushing my bosom up under my chin, trying to out pantomime her, and catching my breath, adding that we were the most competitive florist (price-wise) in the area and that I doubted VERY MUCH that she would find anything cheaper in LONDON TOWN!

Becky stood nodding and making encouraging noises from the edge of the stage and when I finally ran out of things to say. The lady simply threw her handbag over her shoulder and headed for the door.

As she opened the door, about to step out, Becky and I looked at each other and at exactly the same time said…


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