Potty as a Pot Plant

Maybe I can blame this week’s madness on last weekend’s heatwave or maybe it’s just been a release from all the stress over that last couple of weeks. Whatever the cause, it’s been catching!

Becky and Rachel squeezing their tiny heads into my ‘B’ cup

If you’ve been keeping up with my weekly witterings you’ll know things have been a little tough of late and you know what I do when I’m stressed… I SHOP!!!

If there’s nothing that I actually need myself, then I can always justify my spending by buying stuff to sell in the shop. Stuff that I LOVE and know my customers will LOVE too!

I love THINGS, especially rustic and country crafty things, things like; pots, pedestals, pans, pottery, planters, statues, mirrors, jugs, lamps and CANDLES!!

I’ve had a complete splurge on fragranced candles. I’ve reduced all the beautiful botanical fragranced candles in brown jars, in order to make room for a whole NEW RANGE of Country Candles.

You can now fill your house with the scent of Fresh Cut Herbs, Bergamot & Lavender, Sweet Pea & Violet or Velvet Rose. Feel free to come into the shop and stick your nose into a pot and see how it has an immediate effect on your mood and stress levels. I will often lunge across the shop, grab a tin, rip off the lid and take a long deep breath when dealing with a tricky supplier or an insurance company ( nb: I’m still unclear as to what is happing with the Flowershop van following the little accident with the bus).

So, the shop is currently bursting with lovely, lovely things for the house and garden, including our usual range of fabulous potted plants and spectacular bouquets.

I’ve already had a few compliments regarding the contents of the shop. Only yesterday a gentleman came in and said …

“Nice Jugs”

“Why Thank You!” I replied.

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