Sudden Expansion

NO, I’m not talking about my waistline or my behind!!

Those expanded slower and over time. However there are a couple of things that got a lot bigger this week. First was the florist van, the second was my avian family.

If you recall, a few weeks ago the Flower Shop, Pulborough van got a little too close to the village bus. There were only a few little dents and scratches, but it was touch and go whether or not the flower van would survive. Thankfully the insurance company have finally agreed to patch up ‘Hyacinth’ and while they are doing so, they have given me a MONSTER TRUCK!!!

Some would call it a large transit, but seriously you could get a couple of horses in the temporary flower van. You should see some of the looks I’ve been given when I’ve been delivering bouquets. I can imagine some recipients thinking that that a new kitchen or sports car was going to be pulled out from the enormous back doors, only to have me carry out a beautiful, but small hand-tie. A few times I’ve glanced in the rear-view mirror and seen a hopeful soul looking longingly from the doorstep, convinced that there must be something more.

In complete contrast, I’ve been making most deliveries in what I can only describe as the roller-skate. The roller-skate is my sporty little number, LITTLE being the operative word! I can only fit a couple of small bouquets on what I think are the back seats, although I’m pretty sure no one over 7yrs could possibly squeeze into the space behind the drivers seat.

The other EXPANSION in my life has been to the new collection of chicks and ducklings!!

I promised John that there would be no more ducks. I’m not sure why, but after the fox incident I did sort of promise only to replace the chickens. However there was a little complication with that. The eggs that Neil rudely pushed Meringue off all hatched out, but the two little ones I popped under Meringue didn’t look like they were going to hatch. So instead of waiting patiently because I have absolutely NO patience, I sped off in search of some day old ducklings that I could smuggle under Meringue’s skirt in the dead of night.

As it happened, that night one of Meringue’s adopted eggs hatched, so now I have a cluck of chirpy chicks and two house ducks!!

Back in the shop, this week we’ve had a little bit of wedding day stress involving a demanding bride, but I’m going to leave that little story for my book…‘Confessions of a Village florist’.

Oh before I go, I must mention our super Saturday assistant Daisy. Daisy said her mum was an avid reader of the blog, so here’s a big “Hello” to Daisy’s Mum.

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