The Pulborough Giant

Have you heard of the Pulborough Giant? Well he and his ancestors have been living in Pulborough for thousands of years. They were living in family groups, in the swamps alongside the River Arun before the Romans settled nearby and started building roads through their natural habitat and the Arun became a busy thoroughfare for materials being transported throughout Sussex and up to London .

Giants blend in with their surroundings and most of the time they are virtually invisible to the human eye, unless you know what you are looking for and take the time to look.

Many Sussex giants have moved up on to the Downs, but thanks to the brooks and conservationists the Pulborough Giant still exists. Now a few locals have always known this but have kept it to themselves so as not to draw attention to this rare and mysterious resident.

I was one of the select few who knew!

And I’m so relieved that the news is out because I find keeping secrets so hard. Florists are called upon to keep secrets quite often, which I do, but I find it quite stressful.

I get up pretty early as a florist and I’m often one of the first people in the village to rise. As I potter down the hill from my cottage, on to Lower Street and to the Flower Shop I collect what most people recognise as moss. In theory it IS moss, but what most people don’t know is that it grows out of the Giant’s enormous EARS!

Ear moss left by the Pulborough Giant

Giant ear moss must grow profusely, as I find large clumps of it along Potts Lane most days. I suspect birds must help unplug it by picking it out, in order to line their nests, but still there’s plenty left over for me. If you’ve ever bought a potted plant or flower display from the shop, chances are that it came from the ears (or nose) of the Pulborough Giant nb: I do wash it thoroughly before using.

Some of the potted plants and hanging baskets from
The Flower Shop-Pulborough


Despite his shyness the Giant has been working with Horsham District Council and the RSPB to entertain and educate human adults and children who live in and visit Pulborough, in the hope that more people will come and learn about conservation, history and wildlife including all the birds and insects that enable the giants to live relatively undisturbed on our doorstep – actually I think he sleeps on MY DOORSTEP, right outside my bedroom window, where he snores and farts all night long! For a long time I blamed John for the snoring, but one of the giant’s blow offs could literally take the roof off. Luckily he must have a generally good diet and only lets of the smallest of bottom burps, which just requires replacing the odd tile every now and then.

If you want to find out more about the Pulborough Giant and the Wild Art trail, here’s a link.

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