The Power of flower…

Today’s blog epitomises what I LOVE most about being a village florist. I have always said how much I delight in being part of celebrations and life’s milestones and this includes funerals. If there’s anything I can do that will make an occasion more memorable (in a good way) I will go out of my way to do so.

This week, started last week for The Flower Shop -Pulborough. We had a Monday funeral to prepare for and with the recent heatwave we have had to do everything at the very last minute. To add to the pressure we had very precise instructions as to what the deceased would have liked at her funeral.

We had been asked to reproduce the most beloved dog which brightened and brought love and happiness to both their lives.


I’m getting palpitations remembering how I felt, just a few days ago, Did I really agree to making a life size black Alsatian dog from flower?????

Apparently, I did!

There were three of us working on ‘Moffat’ on Saturday. We started with a life-size dog shaped piece of Oasis. You can order up Oasis in all size and shapes, but it’s the choice of flower and how it’s arranged that makes all the difference. We chose moss for Moffat’s muzzle (try saying that when you’ve had a drink or two) and Asparagus fern for his tail. Spraying everything black help to keep the flower looking fresh but I was up early on Monday morning adding the finishing touches, which included a red collar. Unbeknown to us Moffat always wore a red collar so this was a wonderful surprise to everyone when Moffat finally arrived at the funeral…

As I was putting the final touches to Moffat, I called the undertaker to check there would be room on top of the coffin for Moffat to sit.


“How big is he?” I was asked.

“Oh about 2 and a half foot I guess?” I answered, having no real idea.

“That’ll be fine” I was reassured.

Phew! I thought I’d hate to have to snip his or her ears off.

However when I arrived at the funeral parlour and opened the doors of the van, to reveal my masterpiece. I heard someone whisper “no chance!” And they were right, there was no way Moffat was going to fit on top of the coffin, so he sat up front, in the passenger seat, with his nose peeking out of the window.

He got quite a few second looks from other road users and passers-by on the way to the crematorium and sat patiently watching the proceedings throughout the service.

After the service he was taken to the wake where he was on his best behaviour until it was time to escort his owner home.

What was so lovely to hear was how Moffat got people talking, how he brought back fond memories and helped people recall happy occasions. There were people at the funeral who may not have known each other but who knew Moffat and it was our floral tribute that got them talking and smiling.

This is what I LOVE about be The Village Florist

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