Finally I’m off on holiday…Sun, sand and sandals here we come!

As most people take off for the Bank Holiday Weekend heading for the coast or inland to visit family and friends, I’m here in the shop and as busy as ever. But I’m not complaining, as John and I are off on Tuesday to enjoy a few days away!!

Every time I’ve thought of going on holiday, I’ve chickened out at the last moment and have stayed at home, but this time we’re actually going AWAY!

Yes, away-away! As in… out of the village, far enough away so I can’t pop back to the shop every hour to check how things are and whether anyone needs me.

I’ve finally realised that someone very important needs me back – JOHN.

Urghhh, I’ve just tasted a bit of sick at the back of my throat. I hope he doesn’t read my blog!

Seriously though, running your own business is all consuming and fills my mind all of the time. I can’t help it, taking a break simply means thinking about all the things that I need to do, in a different place. The thought of handing the reins over completely for any length of time is simply terrifying.

But I have a great team and I know they can manage perfectly well without me for a few days. But what if they CAN manage without me? What if everything runs smoothly and no one realises I’m away??

In truth, I’m looking forward to having a few days away and even though I’m not going that far, I’m determined to relax, read a dozen books and enjoy being away.

This week has been pretty busy with the usual drama. Friday was spent dressing one of my favourite wedding venues and even though everything was planned down to the smallest detail the Cheese Plant leaves I ordered for the place settings came in twice the size as expected.

I know that usually BIGGER is BETTER and I would always agree with this, but in this case bigger was definitely not better. Once the leaves were placed on the tables there was no room for anything else, you couldn’t even see the table cloth beneath. It was the day before the bride’s big day and believe it or not, Cheese Plant leaves don’t grow on trees, so sourcing 90 leaves of the correct size was not going to be easy!

I flew into action, tucked my top into my pants and threw my flower shop apron around my neck, like a super-hero’s cape and managed to sort everything out.

This goes to show that no matter how well planned things are, issues pop up and it takes a ‘Super-Florist‘ to find the solution. However, this Wonder Woman is taking a break and won’t be available for floral miracles until next weekend.

I’ll be back in the shop on Saturday, August 31st and until then there will be a great team holding the fort. If you’re passing, do pop in and say hello!

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