I don’t know how she does it!

Our Village Florist is still on holiday, so tonight you have me, Becky.

To be honest Claire arrived back in the village on late Friday afternoon and made a beeline for the shop. John had been driving as slow as he possibly could in the hope that we would have shut up and gone home before they got back and he almost did it. We were just wheeling away the flower cart from the front of the shop into the garage when Claire bounced out of the car (I don’t even think they had actually stopped the car when the passenger door flew open).

Everything was organised so neither Claire or John had to work. They could continue their Sussex holiday. They could lie-in, have a leisurely brunch, potter in their beautiful garden, do nothing, BUT that was obviously not an option.

Claire WAS BACK!

Summer holiday to East Sussex

They had only been away for FOUR DAYS and it was just across the West Sussex border, but it was a real test for us all. A test to see if we could cope without her; whether we would lose all her customers, crash the van and burn down the shop ( John was secretly hoping all those things would happen) and a test to see if Claire could stay away for that long.

Well, the shop is still standing, I don’t think we have lost any customers and there’s only a very small dent in the roof of the van where something fell out of the sky as Michelle was driving through West Chiltington.

Everything ran really smoothly. Just in case Claire is reading this which I hope she is, I should say we just about managed because running the shop isn’t as easy as it looks. The responsibility is huge and I appreciate how hard Claire works but even with the best laid plans there’s no shutting up at 5pm and going home when there are late orders and early deliveries to be done.

We were given one interesting challenge by a customer who popped in for a funeral tribute required for the following morning. Unsure of what was wanted I asked what was the first thing that came to mind when she thought about her friend.

“Her strong UKIP beliefs” she answered.

That was a tricky one, but we stepped up and came up with something suitable, which thankfully the customer loved.

Funeral Tribute for UKIP supporter

I’m trying to think of anymore interesting or amusing anecdotes to entertain you this Sunday evening but I’m afraid I can’t match Claire when it comes to storytelling and I’m already several hours late getting this out. So I think I’ll end it here.

Everyone pulled together this week and I think we proved that Claire can go away for a much needed break, without worrying and I hope she’ll chose somewhere further afield and for a bit longer next time. xx

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