Crea’ive Chris’mas!

You might have noticed that I’ve lost a couple of ‘t’ s but it was intentional.

A customer came into the shop earlier this week, just as I was putting together one of my spectacular table displays which included some seasonal veg; corn cobs, pumpkins, artichokes as well as feather, flowers and foliage.

Wow, that’s Creaive, isn eh” (that sounds a bit Welsh, but I assure you she wasn’t). Maybe it was “in’eh” yes that sounds more like it. Definitely a Sussex drawl.

That passing comment, suddenly inspired me. I love Christmas! Well I love the run up to Christmas, by the time I finally get there I’m so exhausted I just collapse in a heap on the sofa, in front of a roaring fire, with a glass of something special (carefully chosen following months of tipple testing) to hand. The sooner Christmas starts the better, I say.

I also like to inspire my team and give them a little bit of creative freedom every now and then. So this week I decided to let the ladies loose on Chrismaaas!

This year, Christmas in The Flower Shop – Pulborough is going to be spectacular, decadent, luxurious, stupendous!

We’ve already made a start. I’ve even created a ‘Crea…iiive Corner’ for the making of the most christmassy christmas creations.

Our fresh flower creations cannot (obviously) be created until the Christmas season starts but that won’t stop us. I’ve managed to find some super realistic seasonal artificial (or should I say ever-lasting) flower and foliage from which Rach and I have made a beautiful array of fireplace and table displays which will transform any room into regal splendour.

The lovely Lisa has even made her own selection of home fragrances especially for the shop. While the lovely Rachel has been busy creating something special of her very own. YES she’s pregnant again!!!!

Baby No.3

When planning baby No.3 Rach did not consider the full implications and she is due just after Christmas, meaning that it will be touch and go as to whether or not we have our own Nativity here in the shop with Rachel and her baby boy taking the starring role.

Other news from this week includes having to send our part-time driver and sister-in-law Miche, out of her comfort zone and across what she see’s as our delivery borders, which for me are pretty flexible. You should have seen her face when I asked her to take a small potted plant to Littlehampton.

Littlehampton is a town about fourteen miles from here, but it may as well have been outer Mongolia from the reaction I got.

“I’ve never been to Littlehampton before!” she said, although I knew she had. “It’s MILES away!” she continued “I’ll get lost!” she protested “It’ll take me hours!” Use the Sat-nav I suggested, knowing it was a very old one that was probably made before roads existed. “Just head South until you reach the sea” I suggested.

She made it despite the dodgy sat-nav, as I got a phone call from her, parked up on the pier. Unfortunately the recipient lived in a gated community and apparently everyone was out. I didn’t dare suggest coming back to the shop and trying again later!

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