The Flower Shop ‘Star Chart’

There’s been lot’s going on in the village this week and there’s been a real buzz in the air.

With nothing but depressing economic news being reported in the media you would expect local businesses to be feeling pessimistic, but to the contrary our village and it’s little businesses are thriving!

As the big high street stores are struggling to entice customers in, Pulborough residents like nothing better than shopping locally, making life better for everyone.

Local shops and businesses owned and run by local people have a personality of their own.

  • Those working in the shops/businesses enjoy meeting and getting to know their customers
  • You will always be a little surprised and delighted by what you find in the shops because managers take time to source products that reflect their personalities
  • Customers get great service because we care about YOU.

New shops are springing up too!

The Greenhouse‘ a shop full of fresh produce, without the packaging opened in the village this week and ‘ThePulborough eXchange‘ here on Lower Street, next to the bike shop is due to open soon.

Back in the shop I’ve been keeping staff morale up by introducing a staff ‘STAR CHART‘. I love the flower shop team, they’re all great at what they do and are all very motivated, but I thought I’d add a bit of competition into the mix.

Stars are awarded to anyone I feel has made a contribution over and above their pay-scale, so it goes without saying that I should get the majority of stars given that I’m at the bottom of the pay scale, that’s if I don’t include John who obviously works here purely for the love of it.

Don’t worry Char, your stars dropped off and ‘someone’ put them back on my line.

Stars can be awarded for pretty much anything, for example Mich was awarded TWO stars for not getting lost on her way to Midhurst and for not crashing the van, but was then deducted ONE star from John for leaving the radio tuned into Radio Two (he only ever listens to Radio Four).

Alison got quite a few stars on Friday, for creating a particularly sunny and cheerful looking funeral tribute and flowers for a top secret service and for politely interrogating callers all day to ensure they weren’t journalists trying to get details of the private event and it’s whereabouts.

Even one of our customers made it on to the star chart!

Nigel is a lovely man (I say that about a lot of men), but when he came in to order some flowers this week, he was roped into moving some furniture about, so earned himself a special star of his own.

I’m now wondering if I should have two charts, one for team members, one for extra special customers; those who come in regularly, those who bring in cake, those who recommend us to others, gentlemen who are particularly charming.

So you know what to do if you want to earn yourself some stars.

Links to a few local businesses (more next week):

Forelock Books – Local Publisher of Equestrian Fiction (fabulous stories and lovely gifts)

The Greenhouse – Produce without the packaging

The Little Bean Cafe – Sweet and savoury treats all day long.

Hennings Wine Merchants – a large choice of quality wines and spirits (I’ve tried most of their stock and can highly recommend).

Business with Personality – Social Media Management

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