Reverse gear

Our lovely delivery driver Michelle skipped into work as usual on Friday and we had a number of deliveries ready and waiting for her. It’s always fun planning the delivery routes, as quite often Miche can end up going backwards and forwards and round in circles depending on when the orders come in.

On Friday we were organised. As a rule we can’t guarantee delivery times, but this week we had a funeral tribute that had to be delivered to the church at a very specific time, for obvious reasons (as a rule all flowers would go to the funeral directors in advance, but this was going direct to the burial), so Miche had to be there at precisely 11.30pm.

However, before setting off for the church there was time to squeeze in a couple more deliveries. Miche wasn’t sure they’d be time because she’s what some would call a ‘careful‘ driver. I would call her a dawdler!

You won’t catch Miche speeding. So maybe she was right to be concerned given the two earlier deliveries were the other side of a long 30mph stretch.

She left at 10.50am and returned to pick up the funeral at 11.20am. She was cutting it fine and pulled up outside the shop in a bit of a flurry. Quickly re-stocking the van with the graveside arrangement and a number of other deliveries before shooting off, almost doing a wheel spin as she left.

I’ve never seen her move so fast, ever!

About an hour later she returned, having successfully delivered flowers to the church, Amberley Castle and Storrington Primary School.

However, when she returned she looked a little sheepish.

“Everything OK?” I asked

“Er yes, sort of” she replied “It’s not a huge dent, more of a scrape”

DENT!!! SCRAPE!!!????

“Not my newly re-sprayed silver panels?”


Apparently, it was a low wall which jutted out into the road, totally invisible in either side mirror.

It’s lucky we’re family, that’s all I can say.

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