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Teamwork brings us all together

As I mentioned last week the cost of flowers can fluctuate like a seismographic chart in the middle of an earthquake or John’s blood pressure when we he hands me his credit card, so to keep prices consistent for our wonderful customers, I simply have to keep all other costs static – preferably at zero, which is pretty tricky when you are a woman like me, with wild ideas and expensive tastes!

I started this week with a GRAND PLAN. I’d spent Saturday night and most of Sunday dreaming of sparkles, glitter, Rococo furniture and Queen Anne legs – Obviously, I’d been watching too much ‘Strictly’ before going to bed and I came in on Monday morning in an excitable mood, clutching drawings of what looked like Harrods Christmas Window Display.

I want to change the shop around and THIS is how I want it to look, I announced, rolling out some childlike scribbles on a large sheet of white paper. Annmarie stared at my wonderful design, stared at me and then rolled her eyes in wonder (or maybe it was despair). Before Annemarie, who had been rendered utterly speechless, could manage to get any words out, LISA walked in.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 18.46.52

Lisa is our new florist and this was her first day. Now, I know I should have eased her in gently, I should have had a planned induction ready which could be ticked off throughout the day, but I was far too EXCITED!!!

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 18.46.32

“Annemarie, Annmarie, can you saw a pine table in half, lengthwise and shorten it’s legs?” I asked flapping my arms in over excitement.

“With what?” she replied.

“A Jigsaw thingy-bob”

“Do you have one?”

“No”, I replied, rather deflated, “but I know someone who has…

In stepped… MARK ‘Master of All Trades‘ from Two Woods estate. I only had to describe roughly what I wanted and back came the PERFECT piece of antique-like shop furniture, which fitted perfectly into my grand plan.

During the week everyone got the chance to join in with the ‘Autumn Re-fit‘ If you came into the shop last week, chances are you would have been handed a hammer and a few nails and would have been asked to knock up a shelf or two while you waited.


Actually, Annmarie was chief ‘Shelf-elf‘. Next time you come in, be sure to check out our amazing shelves, they are a work of art and the ‘Beach Hut aka Santa’s Secret Box‘ assembled by our senior florist Becky, is worth a visit by itself.

The GRAND OPENING was scheduled for Wednesday, the re-fit wasn’t actually finished on Wednesday, but it was MY BIRTHDAY so a great excuse (as if I ever needed one) to crack open a bottle of wine and bring out the cake.


Have you ever thought what you buy a florist for her birthday? Apparently, according to my long suffering husband, buying me a flower shop, negates him from ever buy me flowers ever again!

If you are reading this, John, I also like diamonds, shoes, handbags, gin and chocolate, so there’s still plenty to choose from.

Talking of celebrations, did I mention Rachel is expecting a BABY!!

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