Festive Gifts

Festive Ribbon and other goodies….

One reason why I love Christmas so much is because I can go mad with festive ribbon. Not just plain Red, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper, but ribbon with Robins, Holly, Stars, Festive Poodles…

There are other reasons why I love Christmas, such as cake, alcohol, chocolates, scented candles, wreath making, present wrapping, cosy dinners in and any excuse to get out the fairy lights.

I know I promised not to mention the ‘C’ word until November, but I’m already taking orders for Christmas flowers and wreaths and in my book it’s never too early. I’ve also noticed that buying presents for friends and family is becoming less of a chore. Gone are the days where you feel you have to spend a small fortune on a practical gift like a steam oven, a drill set or robot window cleaner – I’m not sure if that exists, but you know what I mean, stuff that’s practical, but BORING!

Much better would be a golden life-size reindeer made of hazel, a scented candle for each month of the year, or how about a bouquet of freshly arranged seasonal flowers, delivered every week?!!!

Yes, you can put in a weekly or monthly order and we’ll even make up a personalised card letting your loved one know.

Weekly order

Anyway, back to RIBBON. I’ve been looking forward to my new stock of festive ribbon. I ordered it back in June so had forgotten what I’d spent £100’s on, which just added to the excitement when the boxes arrived.

I spent a joyous few hours, unwrapping reels of ribbon, cutting off samples and tying them around anything to hand. If you’d come in the shop at that point you’d probably have left with a bow in your hair or wrapped around one body part or other.

The excitement spurred me on to getting down the Christmas decorations from the shop loft, a couple of weeks early!!

"John!!!!! Stop loitering around and get up the hatch."

I squealed excitedly. Clapping my hands and doing a jig.

“Shouldn’t we wait, until we’ve put away the shop” came his silly reply.


So, up he went.


The first few boxes he handed down looked vaguely familiar. They were the same shape and size as the ribbon boxes I had just opened and oddly, had the same writing on the side. I peeked inside, knowing full well what was inside.

“What’s in those boxes?” John asked.

"Never you mind, just pass some more down"

“I hope they’re not full of festive ribbon” he said.

"Don't be silly. I wouldn't have ordered all that new ribbon,
if there was boxes full of it in the loft, would I?"

I left that question floating in the air.  Annmarie giving me a hard stare as I quickly kicked a large box full of trailing ribbon, under the counter.

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