Summer’s here, time to get in the garden!

The English Summertime. I LOVE IT!

One minute it’s baking hot, hot enough to poach eggs in my cleavage, the next minute rain is lashing down, washing bedding plants on to the patio, water-logging all the pots, while hanging baskets swing precariously in 40mph winds and the weather reports dare to suggest we could still be in danger of a frost!

Sometimes I wonder why we bother, but as soon as the sun pokes it’s head out from behind the grey clouds of  Winter and the temperature in Pulborough tops 60F, there’s a mad rush to get gardens looking tip top, ready for afternoon teas and early evening G&T’s on the patio.

Last week I had a stack of muddy pots, trugs and rusty buckets, full of weeds and the sad remains of last year’s summer blooms, waiting to be transformed. It took a while to get through them all in between weddings and funerals but I think we did a great job!

If you fancy transforming your patio, but can’t be bothered queuing at the Garden Centre, bring your pots in!

With all this talk and thought of gardens, I thought it would be a good idea to make a start on the shop garden. Well, to be honest, I thought it was about time JOHN made a start on the shop garden. Builders often say their houses are the worst example of what could be done in terms of building and I must admit when it comes to the shop garden it’s not a great advert, so I’ve decided to do something with it.

What to do with it, I’m not entirely sure. I’ve thought of diversifying slightly into garden and patioware (I’ve just made that word up, but if you can have homeware then surely you can have garden and patioware). We have plenty of examples of home/gardenware in the shop, we have stoneware pots and busts (the small statue variety, rather than the large wobbly ones), so I was thinking of  similar, but larger items. The only issue with that would be security, there would be nothing stopping an inebriated soul wandering down Lower Street with a Venus de Milo. Another idea would be a selection of garden plants  and trees, or possibly a ‘Staff Lounging Area’, somewhere we (but mostly I) can nip out of the chilled, shaded shop and enjoy a bit of Sussex Sunshine!

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 14.18.45

3 thoughts on “Summer’s here, time to get in the garden!

  1. First time reading your posts and I hope this doesn’t sound offending in any way but when I think of England and florists it just sounds so quaint and reminds me of beauty and the beast (which I know wasn’t in England but still) which is a GREAT thing. It just sounds so lovely and I’m actually quite jealous! The flowers are beautiful by the way!

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